Is your customer missing a face mask? GroundLevel Insights technology can help tell you.

The technology was developed by GroundLevel Insights in response to COVID 19 and is being used in businesses across Canada.

Scott Bradley of Flour Confections, a Pickering baking supply store reports how easy it is to ensure his customers are wearing face masks. “I installed a GroundLevel Insights databox onto our CCTV camera system myself- with the new bylaws I’m grateful to have a system that sends me a text if a customer removes their face mask or comes into the store without one.” says Bradley.

GroundLevel Insight’s proprietary, artificial intelligence platform applies machine learning algorithms to a store’s video footage to measure social distance and face mask compliance ensuring that businesses are protecting their staff and customers while adhering to new bylaws in the GTA. Our technology is able to scan faces and tell staff if someone isn’t wearing a mask.

Check out our press release:

GroundLevel Press Release FaceMask-Final