Get back to business with our suite of tools from the industry leading AI and movement science data platform derived from anonymous, aggregated and privacy-compliant mobile and consumer location data and further enhanced with special IoT sensors and CCTV systems. Help your employees and visitors feel safe and secure.

Limiting number of visitors in-store

GroundLevel Insights uses a thermal sensing, battery-operated people counter placed at your entrance, enabling you to grow your business by understanding your in-store traffic, peak hours, conversion rates and marketing effectiveness.

Ensuring visitors keep their social distance

Using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms on your CCTV footage, GLI can measure real-time social distancing.

Sanitization and mask protocol followed

GLI’s system can provide a trigger if the employee or guest is not following the protocol of wearing a mask. This system keeps checking for masks all throughout the day. 

Real-Time Infraction Notifications

A realtime notification system notifying the management, staff or even the person who is not following the protocol via email/ sms/app notifications.