We are pleased to be able to offer you this COVID-19 contact tracing data collection service free of charge to the end of 2020. It’s our way of giving back and trying to support local businesses across our great country! 

Why are we doing this? 

  1. Bars/Restaurants and other small businesses are not in the business of managing peoples’ data in a secure, privacy compliant framework. We are!

  2. Pen and paper guest lists are risky! We’ve all experienced the hassle and discomfort with going to a restaurant or other establishment only to have to write our name, email address and phone # in a guest book or paper sheet that has been touched by everyone else and often using a shared same pen.  Not very hygienic! 

  3. To make matters worse, recently one of our thankful customers shared a story of how a young lady was at their establishment prior to using our solution and received a call from a creepy guy later in the evening when she got home from a # she didn’t recognize.  In the end they realized that he had simply pursued the pen/paper guest list at the door and copied down her contact info!

  4. COVID data should only be kept for 30 days and not used for any other purpose.  We’ve already heard of businesses using the data for email marketing and other such scenarios.  We want to help you restore consumer confidence that the data is protected, automatically deleted after 30 days and only provided to public health on request in case of a positive test associated with your environment.

As an added bonus, businesses will get a one-time view of the GroundLevel Insights “Audience” data for their specific business. This helps companies understand where their customers come from, how often they visit, and where they go before and after visiting their business. This kind of insight can greatly help businesses identify cross-promotional partners and inform marketing spend.

Safe Customers. Safe Businesses. Recovering Together!


Customer Interface:

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Business Platform Interface:

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*Please note, that all data collected by our service is 100% privacy compliant with PIPEDA and local provincial laws, and will be automatically deleted after 30 days in meeting these legal requirements. Furthermore, Groundlevel Insights contact tracing solution may only be used for the limited purpose of supporting businesses in collecting the required data under local law with a suspected or confirmed infection such as COVID-19 and notifying individuals that you reasonably believe may be at risk of also contracting the infection. You agree that all data will be maintained as strictly confidential and will not be shared except as necessary in furtherance of this limited purpose. No adverse or punitive action may be taken against an individual based on information obtained through your use of the solution, nor against GroundLevel Insights in the collection and storage of this data. Product access is subject to your ongoing compliance with applicable federal, provincial, and local laws including those governing the privacy and security of health information.