Pioneering AI technology turning anonymous consumer location data
into real-time insights and analysis of the retail industry.

Solutions for your needs.

Solutions for your store.

To thrive in this environment, real estate decisions must be grounded in data, and driven by analytics. Let GroundLevel Insights help you make the right choice.

GroundLevel provides you with the right data to create customized marketing campaigns understanding the behaviour of your customer pre and post transaction.

Understanding market growth/decline, density of stores and other such metrics is vital to help businesses in planning, forecasts and investments.

Our data analyzes social media posts by location, this enables targeted outreach to “local” followers and powering truly effective campaigns.

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Pioneering AI Platform

Our unique product aggregates anonymous mobile location data of consumers collected from various reliable sources, filters it through a proprietary artificial intelligence platform and converts it into unique insights on the behaviors of consumers. All data is fully compliant with PIPEDA, GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy protection laws.

IoT Sensors and CCTV Video Analytics

GroundLevel Insights has developed a proprietary method of analyzing video footage using onsite hardware to measure social distancing, capacity compliance and face mask requirements. All the video feed is processed locally at your office & no video feed is uploaded, ensuring 100% privacy. Strict security protocols are followed for data transfer & access.

Global Network & Leadership

GroundLevel Insights is lead and advised by some of the most prominent names in location intelligence, data analytics and marketing. The team is unparalleled in this area and each person bring a unique perspective and reach all around the globe. Together, we are excited for Enlightened Business Decisions!