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We turn the world's largest location data set into human mobility insights powering better business decisions.
Understand where your customers live, work, and play. Know how often they visit, how long they stay competitor metrics.
You’ve sold sponsorships, but do you know the true ROI on them? How many people actually visit the sponsor after the game or event?
Understand where your visitors come from, what specific locations they travel to, what routes they take, and what days and times they travel.
Where are my best customers? Where are my best locations? How do I determine the best sites for my next property?
Downtown commercial area optimization and economic policy development are just some of what location data can assist with.
Understand visitors inside and outside your property while supporting decisions that drive economic impact in your community.
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Track visitors, dwell times, competitive insights and cross-shopping patterns.
Have a mobile app? We can embed our SDK into it and give you deep insights on where your loyal users go outside of your venue.
What to reach more potential customers? Why not use one of our mobile audiences and build a social media campaign to advertise to them.
Do you have Bluetooth beacons in your store? If so, we can connect to them and give you insights on where those same customers go outside of your 4 walls.
Sports teams, concert promoters and festival organizers all need to show ROI on sponsorships. We can give you real data on the effectiveness.
Need to know where to build your next store or restaurant? Or what tenants are the right fit for the property you already have?
How does your venue stack up to the competition? How long to be people stay? Are you converting visitors to customers?
We all have competition. What % of your customers are exclusive to you? Are you losing market and wallet share?
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