We provide first of its kind, powerful real-time data, analytics and reports on the cannabis industry to propel their clients and the community into the future:

A proprietary AI and business intelligence engine to empower “enlightened cannabis decisions”.

Transformational Data Insights

Analytics, Reports and Automated Recommendations

Inspirational Marketing Solutions


All powered by the industry leading AI and movement science data platform that is turning anonymous location and consumer data into real-time insights and analysis of the cannabis industry.

Unique, Self Service Product

Our unique product aggregates the location data of consumers collected from various reliable sources, filters it through a proprietary artificial intelligence platform and converts it into unique insights on the behaviors of consumers. The collaborative platform is easy to use and even easier to sign up. You can just subscribe online and your tailor-made consumer insights are instantly available!

Full Spectrum Solutions

We are the only company, that can answer key questions for the entire cannabis market ecosystem globally. From recreational to medical marijuana, from hemp to CBD, all aspects of the cannabis plant is covered in our data intelligence platform. This is a pioneering technology that all players in the global cannabis industry can benefit from.

Global Network & Leadership

GroundLevel Insights is lead and advised by some of the most prominent names in location intelligence, data analytics and marketing. The team is unparalleled in this area and each person bring a unique perspective and reach all around the globe. Together, we are excited for Enlightened Cannabis Decisions!