Beacon Network

What are Bluetooth beacons?

A Bluetooth beacon is a small and wireless battery-powered radio transmitter that uses BLE (Bluetooth low energy) as its transmission protocol. This mini-radio transmission device can be “discovered” and seen by all BLE scanners (typically from a mobile app) within a certain radius. The Bluetooth beacon, however, cannot “see” anyone back.

Driving loyalty/engagement experiences

Beacon technology can take customer loyalty to the next level by introducing customers to the concept of digital loyalty. Beacons are little Bluetooth LE capsules placed at stores and merchant establishments that deliver loyalty/push marketing programs directly to enabled iOS and Android devices in the vicinity, provided the retailer/brand app is installed and the customer is in the store.

BLE beacons gather valuable insights into customer inclinations and behavior. Retailers can capture key metrics like frequency of visit, no. of new customers, retention rate and cross-store visits. Such deep insights allow retailers to measure the success of past campaigns to boost loyalty efforts, and make immediate changes in the upcoming campaign to raise chance of success.

Our BeaconBank

Powered by Unerry our beacon sharing mechanism is patented in Japan, the US, and in China, the “Beacon Bank” supports a network of beacons that captures outdoor, underground, and indoor location data.

Through this we analyze people flow using AI, visualize real places and consumer behavior to enhance retail marketing and helps facilitate smart city development.

We currently have 2.1 million beacons registered on the Beacon Bank network resulting in over 30 billion location-based logs every month to uncover consumer insights.

If you have beacons installed in your property, talk to us about getting them registered on Beacon Bank and helping you monetize them.

What else can you do with it?

Analysis of people movement flow

To alleviate traffic congestion caused by the concentration of population in urban areas and promote the use of public transportation. Digitalization and effectiveness verification of traffic patterns and advertisements.

Analysis of shopping behavior and competition

Shopping and competitor analysis of retail facilities. Implementation of digital advertising to attract customers and effectiveness verification to increase sales.

Integrated understanding of app users from in-app messaging

To real world visitations, and cross promotion of partner apps to increase app user growth in the future.
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