Audience Targeting

What are audience personas?

When users use a smartphone or other connected divide, they generate a unique identifier called an Advertising ID. This Ad ID can be used for targeted advertising on social media and other platforms. GroundLevel Insights has one of the largest North American datasets of Ad IDs that can be used in this way.

When a user visits a business, their device’s location data can be recorded by the app or service they are using. This data is often collected in the form of a “geofence” hit when the user is inside the boundary of the relevant business. The ID data is aggregated to build an anonymous profile of the user and can include things like types of businesses visited, frequency of visits and the time spent at each location.

Based on this profile, businesses can deliver personalized and targeted ads to users. For instance, if a user frequently visits coffee shops, an ad network might target that user with ads for a new coffee brand or a local coffee shop.

Postal/Zip Code Audiences

GroundLevel Insights is also able to determine from the Ad IDs the home location of users within our dataset. For business owner/operators, this means that we are able to figure out where your visitors are coming from. What cities, and what postal/zip codes, and how often. Our ad targeting solutions can then be focused on building an audience based on this for targeting in solution media.

Public Audiences

GroundLevel Insights uses clean, anonymous, location-based data to create scaleable, advertising audiences for markets based in Canada and the US. Our monthly public audiences include the ability to target frequent visitors in the following categories.

Business Travellers
Luxury Lifestyle
Discount Shoppers
Coffee Shop Lovers
Fast Food Diners
Grocery Shoppers
Pharmacy Shoppers
Gas/Convenience Consumers
Asian Supermarket Shoppers
Festival Goers

Custom Audiences

GroundLevel Insights can also enable you to build your own custom audiences with flexible geo-fencing methods. Perhaps you want to reach those that visit your competitors? Or, you have a very unique group of people that visit campgrounds that you’d like to target? We can do that too? Just reach out to us with your request.

Activation Campaigns

Choose from standard DSP’s like the Trade Desk or social media platforms like Meta, Snapchat or LinkedIn to push public or custom audiences directly into advertising campaigns.

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