Venue Performance

What Is Venue Performance?

Tracking what going on in and around your property is essentially the monitoring of attendee behaviour during an event at a specific venue. Whether the event is a live event (such as a music festival) or and ongoing operation like a retail store, it’s about collecting location-based data that shows visitor engagement, from footfall count to how long a person stays in a certain space to where they spend time before and after being there.

Why Is It Important?

As a venue owner, getting the right tools in place can help you monitor the performance of each event, giving you valuable insight into how the space is being used and its occupancy. Having this data to hand supports priority concerns like health and safety, but also covers other key operational areas such as staffing, wait time minimization, and marketing optimization.

How Can GroundLevel Help?

Measure the performance of a specific site beyond revenue

Benchmark sites against addressable market and competition

Discover patterns in foot traffic and cross-shopping

Time of day and day of week analysis for staff optimization

Determine visitor profiles and catchment area

Evaluate the impact of promotions, campaigns, new features, etc.

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