Data-driven citizen analytics

Location data is an extremely valuable asset for the transportation and urban planning industry. It can help optimize traffic, improve public transportation, manage energy consumption, improve emergency response, and plan cities more efficiently.

Government administrations and urban planners use location data to improve public transit systems, build smarter cities, manage traffic and gauge the ROI of investments into public spaces to maximise the usage of resources. Private transportation and logistics businesses use mobility intelligence to improve their services and boost profits.

The applications in government are limitless. Some are using the data to understand citizen behaviour in helping to revitalize struggling downtowns that suffered due to COVID-19. Others are using it to inform citizens in real-time about emergencies or public transit updates. And others yet are using the data to support. Looking for patterns in citizen movement can also help event planners secure government funding and prove economic lift from said events by running before and after comparisons.

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