Site Selection

What Is Site Selection?

The location of your store or restaurant is crucial for success and could determine whether it succeeds or fails. The right location can have a significant impact on accessibility, visibility, and profitability based on multiple factors such as ease of travel to the location, demographics of customers at the location, location of competitors nearby, proximity to your other locations, and more.

For many multi-location retailer and restaurant chains leveraging location data is the best way to predict future success.

Who Can Benefit From Site Selection?

Site selection teams, real estate brokers, and regional economic development groups all use our data to assess potential sites, advise investments, and sharpen their location strategies.

How Can GroundLevel Help?

Discover areas that residents and/or visitors already congregate or travel to

Discover which site characteristics help create a lasting visitor base

Pinpoint which sites meet your ideal visitor mix

Identify which areas have gaps in the local marketplace

Evaluate the foot traffic/performance of a potential site

Forecast capture rates for new sites

Evaluate performance of site once running and provide competitive benchmarks

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