Visitor Insights

Dashboard Analytics

At the core of our company is our visitor analytics dashboard. This foot traffic data can inform a variety of use cases, including pinpointing new store locations, understanding store performance, and staying ahead of your competitors. Our machine-learning powered foot traffic data is the industry’s most comprehensive solution for understanding visitation to an area or point of interest.

GroundLevel Insights - Visitor Insights

Data Insights

Our foot traffic dataset helps you understand the visitation at a specific site or area
how many people visit
types of visitors
when they visit
how long they stay
how often they visit
single site or multi-site comparison

Partners & Competitors

Where your customers visit, shop and eat before and after coming to your property gives you data on the right affinity or cross-promotional partners. GroundLevel provides your precisely the right data to create customized marketing campaigns. Understanding the other places your patrons visit can even inform staffing and time of day analysis to optimize limited financial resources.

100% Privacy Compliant

Our unique product aggregates anonymous mobile location data on consumers collected from various reliable sources, filters it through a proprietary artificial intelligence platform and converts it into unique insights on the behaviour of those consumers.

The platform is provided in a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) monthly subscription dashboard. All data is fully compliant with PIPEDA, GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy protection laws.

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