Competitive Insights

The Importance of Competitive Insights

Competitive intelligence is the foundation for how companies understand their market, develop their strategy, and grow their business. Yet, many companies are reliant on guesswork to understand the success and share of competitors in a market.

We’ve seen broad uses for location data in competitive intelligence. This data allows companies to:

Learn where competitors are located
Understand how many customers go to competitor locations and the trend over time
Develop an understanding of the type of customer that shops at a competitor
Analyze trends in market share and return rate

How Can GroundLevel Help?

Benchmark against your competitors

See how you stack up against other brands’ visitation trends across locations. Measure your market share and regional dominance over time.

Refine your strategic positioning

Understand where your competitors play in the field to inform your next location, product offerings, or partnerships. We’ve seen many of our clients strike up cross-promotional partnerships by looking at where else their customers go!

Uncover your competitors’ customer profiles

Identify foot traffic trends and demographics of your competitors’ customers.

App-based Insights

My installing our mobile SDK in your app you can see how many of your loyal customers (app users) are regularly visiting your competition.
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