Sponsorship ROI

Do you have sponsors?

Over the years we’ve worked with sports teams, leagues and many festivals and events. All who have had sponsors either for an entire season or their weekend event. Finding way to measure the value of the sponsorship and the return on investment can be a challenge.

Building a target list?

Using the GroundLevel visitor insights platform give you the ability to monitor where your fans/visitors go before and after your event/game. From this you will see trends develop that show a correlation between certain brands and your visitors. Did you know that 12% of your visitors like to eat at Domino’s Pizza? No, what not take that data and approach them for sponsorship for next year?

Measuring ROI

Building a target list of potential sponsors is one thing, but what about showing ROI on those you already have? Are you charging enough? Can you justify renewals? The GroundLevel visitors insights platform can do just that. Imagine being able to say that 21% of your visitors to the game/festival then went to the sponsor site within the next 30 day! And all of that without any coupon or redemption, just purely mobile data showing that the visitor was at your event and then reappeared in the sponsors’ store/property.

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