Case Study

RBC Bluesfest

The Challenge

RBC Bluesfest, like most music festivals, have three key challenges:

  1. How to measure the economic impact their event has on the community
  2. How to attract and identify potential sponsors
  3. How to measure the ROI on exisiting sponsors

GroundLevel Insights was able to leverage location data help answer these questions.

Our Solution

Using our Visitor Insights dashboard, GroundLevel was able to measure foot traffic to the festival and understand their travel patterns in getting there.

A further analysis of the visitor metrics presented a clear breakdown of the postal codes, cities and distance traveled by festival goers.

Our affinity metrics tool was able to clearly the ROI on existing sponsorships and identify other brands that festival patrons already have a relationship with leading to a target list of new sponsor opportunities for next years’ festival.

The Results

Having leveraged our Visitor Insights platform, RBC Bluesfest was able to measure and 33.3% overlap between festival goers and visits to the title sponsor (RBC) branch locations in the area. In addition, by comparing normal visitor traffic to the area in non-festival times vs. during the festival we were able to estimate and net economic impact of $188M of spend in the local community.

of festival goers visited the title sponsor - RBC branch locations
in estimated economic impact on the local community
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