Case Study

Toronto FC

The Challenge

Toronto FC, like most sports teams, have two issues:

  1. Wanting to understand their true catchment area (ie. how far are people actually willing to travel to attend a game?
  2. How effective is the in-stadium sponsorship activation? Can it be measured?

GroundLevel Insights was able to leverage location data to do both.

Our Solution

Using our Visitor Insights dashboard, GroundLevel was able to measure foot traffic to the property and identify cross-visitation patterns with local bars, restaurants, and other frequented businesses.

A further analysis of the visitor metrics presented a clear breakdown of the postal codes, cities and distance traveled by fans attending games.

Our sponsorship ROI tool was able to clearly show the correlation between fans visiting the stadiums and the overlap with those same fans going to sponsor stores within the 30 days following.

The Results

Having leveraged our Visitor Insights platform Toronto FC were able to measure and 23% lift in foot traffic to the fast food outlets of one of their key sponsor partners. In addition, 4.3% of those visiting the sponsor were identified and net new customers, having never been to one of the outlets before.

Lift in traffic to fast food sponsor
Net new customers that hadn't bee there in the last year!
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