Cannabis Shop

For Retailers, Dispensaries and Clinics

Usage of both recreational and medical cannabis products are increasing every day. To understand every type of cannabis consumer better, retailers, dispensaries and clinics are searching for consumer insights. What products are most desirable? Where are the supply bottlenecks? Where do my customers live? Why are people buying from my competition? Our proprietary platform has answers to all these critical questions.

Licensed Cannabis Producer

For Licensed Producers and Extractors

The demand for licensed producers of cannabis is definitely on the rise. Some might argue that there is already a shortage of supply in some markets. But should you jump right into this industry? Do you ramp up production? What products are people looking for? Where is the demand coming from? Our insights will not only answer these questions but will also inspire you to make more informed strategic decisions.

Government - Cannabis Regulator

For Governments & Regulatory Organizations

Governments in Canada, the U.S. and around the world have started to legalize Cannabis. With greater access and demand, comes greater need for data. Data to understand the flow and consumption of product, the enforcement of policies and laws and their impact on the society. GroundLevel Insights expertise in movement science and location data will provide government with the information they need to regulate and direct the industry with confidence.

Cannabis Affinity Markets

For Affinity Markets

Many other industries such as food and beverage are looking forward to insights on cannabis market to leverage while building their future strategies. With our data, other markets can understand cannabis industry abetter while having exclusive insight on their consumers relationships with cannabis.

Cannabis Research - Media Agency

For Research & Advertising Agencies

Research agencies already have valuable data on cannabis transaction. However, our proprietary platform will complete the puzzle by shedding light to the behaviours of consumers. This invaluable insight does not only enable research agencies to have a complete overview of the industry but also helpsĀ advertising agencies to build better targeted media plans.